German Shepherd Puppy - Finding the Right Breeder

***German Shepherd Puppy***

German Shepherd Puppy

There are many sources that offer purebred German Shepherd puppies, but finding a reputable source takes time to research and buying a puppy is not to be taken lightly as it brings new and added responsibilities to you, the new owner. Your decision will affect your life for many years to come, so you'll want to make the best, most informed one that is possible.
Pet stores can occasionally offer purebred German Shepherd puppies but these puppies are mostly from puppy mills or the occasional back yard breeder that is looking to make a quick profit. Most of the time, these breeders are not careful in the selection of their animals and the puppies have a greater chance of having future health problems such as hip dysplasia, poor temperaments, etc.
Some things to look for in identifying an ethical breeder of German Shepherd puppies are as follows. Starting with the health of the parents, has the sire and the dam had their hips and elbows ex-rayed and do they have certificates from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)? A reputable breeder will want their German Shepherd puppies to have the best possible chance of having a sound skeletal structure, avoiding the heartbreak of hip or elbow problems later in their life.

Finding the Right Breeder

Another important thing to consider when looking at the parents of German Shepherd puppies are their temperaments. If you have found a reputable breeder they will not mind talking to you about the parents personalities or traits. These are important to know as they are often passed on to their offspring. Also, conscientious breeders will give the puppies behavioral testing to determine their individual traits in the areas of retrieving, dominance, submission, and stability, to name a few. These tests are used to determine the best possible home to place the German Shepherd puppy into so that both the puppy and its new owner will have the greatest level of compatibility.
The best breeders will limit the number of dogs they own and breed. They will spend time with their dogs giving them proper exercise and attention. Although there are breeders who may have several dogs in kennels and are sure to spend time with each individual dog on a daily basis, I prefer breeders that keep their dogs indoors with the family. Also, I prefer the families that have children or grand children as these "family dogs" have been properly socialized around different people and situations.
In researching and finding the best breeder and the best German Shepherd puppy, there are those who will encourage you to find an "experienced" breeder. That is good, but keep in mind that there are breeders who are retiring every day and being replaced by new, ethical and conscientious breeders dedicated to developing the best in the German Shepherd breed. If you do your homework, after talking with a breeder, you'll know when you have someone who is determined to produce the best German Shepherd puppies and will be able to purchase one with confidence.

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