Pros and Cons of the Wire Dog Crate

Pros and Cons of the Wire Dog Crate

A wire dog crate is one of the many purchases required when taking on responsibility of a new puppy. A crate is not only beneficial for house training, it can also give a safe haven to rest and sleep. Here are several of the pros and cons related to the wire dog crate:

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Pros :

Ventilation and air movement
Because the wire crates are open, they are perfect for dogs living in warm climates or with long coats. The open design of the crate means the dog or puppy has a lot of air movement when traveling.
Folding ability and divider panels
A wire dog crate comes in many sizes and designs. Many of the larger crates include a divider panel. They are ideal to limit the size of the crate for the small puppies. The divider panel is easily removed when the dog starts to reach adult size. This means it is not necessary to buy a replacement crate as the dog starts to grow from puppy to full size in the first 12 to 18 months.
Another attractive feature of the wire crates is the ability to fold down for storage. They are easily stored under the bed, in the closet, or even in the vehicle ready for use.
Able to see what's going on
The open nature of the wire crates means the family pet is never left feeling separated or isolated. They will feel more comfortable being able to see their master and the nearby sights and sounds.
Easy to Clean
A wire crate is appreciated for its ability to let odors easily escape. They can also feature a slide out floor in a solid plastic material which is very easy to clean and great at catching accidents.
Pros and Cons of the Wire Dog Crate

Cons :

Large crates are heavy
The large wire crates can be quite heavy. This isn't such a concern if the crate is used for house training. But it may present certain difficulties if using the crate for traveling in a vehicle.
Poor insulation for small dogs
A small toy breed may benefit from the more enclosed crates that come in a fabric or similar solid material. The enclose crate is certain to help with retaining body heat, especially if living or traveling in areas with cool climates.
Non-airline approved
Most of the wire crates aren't given airline approval. If planning air travel in the future, it is necessary for have a backup plastic crate at a suitable size to make the journey.


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