Giving Rewards to Your Dog - What You Need to Know

Most people are happy to be recognized on a job well done whether in school, work or home. This makes them want to do a good job over and over again because their efforts are recognized and rewarded. Dogs like humans also need recognition to reinforce their positive behavior. Giving rewards to your dog can be a great tool to help you teach your dog to behave properly but it is not that easy because you have to follow some rules to make the rewards more of a positive reinforcement than a bribe. The following guidelines can be very helpful when rewarding your dog.

Giving Rewards to Your Dog

Know the significance of giving rewards to your dog. Recognizing the good behavior of your dog serves as a motivation. Rewards encourage your dog to repeat the good behavior that was recognized and praised. Dogs need motivation to continue what they are doing. With the appropriate rewards, dogs are motivated to listen, follow commands, behave and do well on trainings.
Correct timing. When it comes to giving rewards to your dog, perfect timing is everything. The timing must be perfect to educate your dog that a certain behavior is commendable and worth praising. When your dog obeys a command or show positive behavior, it is important to reward him immediately after that certain behavior. Timely recognition and of a positive behavior will give him the idea that he is doing a good job. It will also give him the understanding that correct or good behavior means rewards. In giving rewards to your dog, a perfect timing teaches him the connection of good behavior to rewards.
Know the different kinds of rewards. As a dog owner you should know the different kinds of rewards that you can give to your obedient canine friend. Rewards can be given in different forms such as praises, giving him toys, playing with your pet and the most common that gives dogs high motivation is giving him treats.

Rewards to Your Dog

Be consistent. Giving rewards to your dog is a great tool to help you train your dog to learn good behavior so you need to be consistent to effectively teach your dog and avoid confusion. You have to consistently recognize your dog with every correct behavior to encourage him to repeat the correct behavior. Consistency is the key in teaching your dog about good behavior.

Be in control. The important thing about giving rewards to your dog is to make your dog respond to you. Giving rewards is training your dog to understand that you are pleased with his behavior. It is important that you are always the one in control and not the other way around. It could happen that the dog will not perform the desired behavior unless he gets his treats which should not be the case. You should be always in control and not your dog controlling you.

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Giving Rewards to Your Dog -
What You Need to Know
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