Best Puppy Top 5 Tips: How to stop dog urine marking

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Many people wonder why dogs pee on everything, and if there is any way this can be avoided. Before going into detail on the best doggy top 5 tips: how to stop brand of dog urine, I think it is important to explain why your dog marks its territory with urine.

It is perfectly natural for a male dog (some women too) to demarcate its borders as a show of dominance, territoriality, anxiety, insecurity, or a medical problem, Fie infection bladder or something similar, which should be examined by your veterinarian. 
Now this does not mean that this behavior must be accepted, in fact, in my opinion, just do not let it, and my dogs learn very quickly.


1- Spaying your dog around 6 months. Consult your veterinarian and do not delay because it can lead to habits that will slow or otherwise eradicated.

2- Train your dog. The training provides mental stimulation for your dog, and be a leader and show your dog lover who's boss. It is instinctive for dogs, Fie they are looking for leadership, and if not present, then the dog will naturally conclude that he is the boss and take control. The result of this can be very difficult and unpleasant and even dangerous. 
3- Make a noise, a loud noise. Distract your dog marking can be achieved by observing the behavior and act quickly, making a loud noise, either with a horn in a box, a box with stones inside that acts as a stirrer, or simply clapping their hands with express order of your choice, such as: "No pee" This will scare your dog, and learn quickly that you do not approve.

4- Instill obedience. Integrating a command before the following deadlines: food, take a walk, before playing a game. Make her feel before all the above, and make sure you have their attention. This will give a little discipline and will refer to what he wants to please you. Dogs are connected by following their leader, and we must learn to understand their way of thinking. He obeys because he feels safe and loved by you, as he did when he was with his mother at birth. 
5- Solve problems. Ensure smooth fears, conflicts and tensions with other pets in your home or people elsewhere. If you visit, be sure to enter the dog properly. Let the game away with the dog so that both connect and develop a non-stressful from the beginning.



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