Get to know The Poodle


AKC Meet the Breeds ® 

The Poodle, though often equated to the beauty with no brains, is exceptionally smart, active and excels in obedience training. The breed comes in three size varieties, which may contribute to why Poodle is one of the most popular breeds according to AKC ® registration statistics. Poodles can be a variety of solid colors, including white, black, apricot and gray, but never parti-color.


Looking back 

The breed originated in Germany as a retriever of water. "Clip Smart Poodle" was designed by hunters to help the dogs move through the water more efficiently. The patches of hair left on the body are meant to protect vital organs and joints which are susceptible to cold . standard variety is the oldest of the three varieties. miniature variety may have been used for truffle hunting. Poodle was often used in performances and circuses.


Breed for you ? 
The Poodle can accommodate almost any size dwelling. His hypoallergenic coat may reduce allergic reactions, but requires regular professional grooming. The Poodle is an active breed and requires daily exercise.


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